Kate Moss said she first had sex at 14, how does that compare with other Hollywood stars?

  1. Who’s telling whoppers? Kate Moss says she first had sex at 14. So how does that compare with other stars? And which …  

    Kate Moss said she lost her virginity when she was just 14 years old, but she is not the only celebrity to admit to losing it early.

    Other notable ‘first time sex’ headlines include Sean Connery, the famed James Bond actor and now 87, confessed to an interviewer that he was only eight years old when he had sex, although he couldn’t remember who with.

    George Hamilton was only 12, and the woman was his stepmother, singer June Howard.

    Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp said he was only 13 when he lost his virginity (he actually dated Kate Moss).

    Angelina Jolie was just 14 when she lost her virginity, saying she was sexually active in primary school.

    See many more celebrities that had sex at a very young age at Daily Mail

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