Conductor James Levine sues Metropolitan Opera after sex abuse inquiry, firing

  1. Conductor Levine, ousted after sex abuse inquiry, sues Met  

    Symphony Orchestra music director James Levine sued the Metropolitan Opera after a sexual misconduct investigation ruined his storied career.

    Court papers say the opera company conducted a one-sided inquiry into baseless allegations to tarnish and then fire Levine, without even a phone call.

    The lawsuit against the Met for defamation and breach of contract seeks at least $5.8 million in damages and “to restore Levine’s name, reputation and career.”

    The opera company began an investigation in December after the New York Post and The New York Times aired allegations of sexual misconduct from three men who said the sexual abuse happened decades ago, and a fourth man later came forward saying Levine had sexually abused him when he was a 20 year old music student.

    Levine’s suit against the Met said one of his accusers sent him friendly letters for decades after their alleged encounter, and never accused him of wrongdoing, even talking of visiting. The suit also says the Met wouldn’t tell Levine who some accusers were, but acknowledged no one who worked at the opera company made a complaint about him during his 46 years there.

    Levine, 74, has called the claims unfounded.

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