Ariana Grande Calls for Fans to Stop Body Shaming: Highlights of her TikTok Video

Singer Ariana Grande asks her fans to stop body shaming.
Singer Ariana Grande has called on fans to stop body shaming and be "gentler and less comfortable" about making comments on her and other people's bodies. In a TikTok video, she addressed concerns about her recent weight loss and stressed that "healthy can look different." Photo by Berisik, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ariana Grande has urged her fans to stop body shaming and be “gentler and less comfortable” about making comments on her and other people’s bodies. The singer addressed concerns about her recent weight loss in a TikTok video, saying that her body was paid too much attention to and that people were comparing her current body to “the unhealthiest version” of her body.

Ariana Grande has been a vocal advocate for body positivity and mental wellness, and she’s not afraid to speak out against body shaming and online harassment. In her recent TikTok video, she encouraged fans to be gentle with themselves and others, and reminded them that “healthy can look different.” Grande has been open about her struggles with anxiety and mental health issues, and her message of self-love and self-care is an inspiration to many. In her TikTok video, Grande said. “I don’t do this often. I don’t like it. I’m not good at it”

“But I just wanted to … talk a little bit about what it means to be a person with a body and to be seen and to be paid such close attention to. … I think we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies, no matter what. If you think you’re saying something good and well-intentioned, whatever it is — healthy, unhealthy, big, small, this, that, sexy, not sexy — … we should really work towards not doing that as much.” Grand continued.

Britney Spears has also recently called out body shaming after a fitness coach who made an unsolicited and hurtful comment about her body.

Unfortunately, body shaming is all too common in the world of celebrity, with stars like Selena Gomez and Adele also facing criticism for their appearance. But Grande is one of many inspiring celebrities who are fighting back against the culture of body shaming and promoting a more positive message of self-acceptance and self-love. Through their empowering messages, they are helping to create a world where everyone can feel beautiful and confident, no matter their size or shape.

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