Antonio Brown Throws Bag of Penis Shaped Gummy Candy at Police

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown three penis shaped gummy candy at local police. Photo by CLNS Media -, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Local police were called to the home of Antonio Brown on Monday. The now former and beleaguered NFL star wide receive streamed the visit live on Instagram.

It was not clear why the police were called to Brown’s house, while Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of Brown’s youngest three children, was picking up the kids to take them to school.

Brown yelled at an officer in the beginning of the video, “She’s here to take the kids to school, not no vehicle, This b—- is broke, she don’t drive Bentleys. You see this, sir? That’s a f—— Bentley. This b—- is broke, with two other kids. That b—- got nothing. She don’t have no Bentley. She’s staying at a hotel. Ask her where she’s staying! Ask her!”

“This b—- f—— here from the hotel don’t have nothing,” Brown said. “She came here to take the kids to school, the kids not getting to school. She don’t have no car. … Look at her, she’s a f—— lost cause, look at her!” Brown shouted.

Brown then yelled, “F— the feds right here! F— the NFL! This is real life” and threw a bag of penis shaped gummy candy at Kyriss and the police.

Brown continued shouting, “Bag of d—s,” he said. “Bag of d—- for the d—-. Hey, Chelsie! Here’s the bag of d—-. Fish head! Fish head! Fish! Fish, here you go, the bag of d—-, fish. Chels, here you go, the bag of d—-. F—— baser (a slang term for a drug addict).”

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